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Gifts for Twins

Hi everyone,

My nephews are twins and I have a lot of trouble figuring out gifts for them. They will be 5 on Feb. 1st, which because it's so close to Christmas basically means I need double or more Christmas gifts, or birthday gifts, whichever way I choose to look at it.

First of all, these little guys have TONS of stuff. TONS. So, gift giving is never a matter of what they need.

My question is about gift sharing and/or gift splitting up.

At this age is it best that I give them each the same thing? I wouldn't do the exact same thing, for example, I'd get them each a Magic School Bus book, but it'd be a different book. And I think sometimes I'd also get a 3rd book that was for both of them. But I can't remember. I definitely do that with non-twins, so I'm not sure if I did it with them.

However, now that they are 5, I'm wondering if it's time to find presents that are more different from each other or if it's really too soon for that. I would say these sweet boys are at about their age for maturity, but I'm told they are above average for books and for some thought processes. Unfortunately, they do have some problems with fine motor skills, so I'm always worried about giving them something they literaly can't do. It seems like there mom doesn't want any of those activities happening at home, aside from when it's part of their home work from pre K.

So, my Christmas idea is to get 2 different Magic School Bus Science Kits. I've only just found them online, so I haven't had a chance to see them. But I love the magic school bus books, and so do the boys. They will pay rapt attention to every single word on the page, and as you may know, some of those pages have a lot of words!
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